Matthias Grotevent "Metut", © Tamara Lorenz 2015

Address: Rubensstrasse 42
City: Cologne Country: Germany
Phone: +49 (0) 160 7891278
Email: Jari.ortwig[at]
Opening hours: 00.00-00.00

For talents 2015, VITRINEN presents Matthias Grotevent.

VITRINEN is a non-commercial exhibition space for contemporary art on Rubensstrasse 42 in Cologne and was founded in 2012 by art historian Jari Ortwig. Next to the tax office Uwe Kuhnke, the three expansive glass cabinets from the 1950s are situated in the semi-private / semi-open space facing the street. Originally they were part of a former coin and stamp business. The aim of the temporary solo shows, which change every three months, is to provide mainly young artists without gallery context a public and at the same time protected space to present their work within a solo exhibition. Here they can freely experiment with an unusual space situation. In addition, the site acts as an interface between the art world and the public and is re-activated as existing spatial structure.