Quartier am Hafen


© Alessandro De Matteis

Address: Poller Kirchweg 78-90
City: Cologne Country: Germany
Phone: +49 (0) 152 561 905 02
Email: info@quartieramhafen.de
Opening hours: 4-9 p.m.
Website: www.quartieramhafen.de

For id.new talents 2016, Quartier am Hafen presents Christoph Kilian.

For id.new talents 2015, Quartier am Hafen presented Katharina Maderthaner and Julius Schmiedel.

The 'Quartier am Hafen' is a place for artistic production and exchange. With 84 studios and two dancing studios, it was built to release the insufficient studio situation in Cologne. The house itself hosts a large diversity of artistic disciplines. Visual art, media art, music, dance, design as well as restoration come together.

Q18, the exhibition space of the 'Quartier am Hafen' provides a program for young and upcoming curators. For the period of one year, it offers the chance for a curator to realize four exhibitions that are funded by the city of Cologne and the 'Quartier am Hafen' itself. To support artistic exchange, the invited artists to those exhibitions have to be external artist. The openings and closings of the exhibitions are always combined with presentations of the dance residence program. Established in cooperation with the permanently residing initiative ZAIK, this program offers space and mentoring support to young dancers and choreographers. In addition, the 'Quartier am Hafen' is planning to offer an art residency through cooperating with existing residency programs to stimulate interdisciplinary processes.