Oslo Kunstforening

Address: Rådhusgata 19
City: Oslo
Country: Norway 
Phone: 004722 42 32 65
Email: marianne[at]oslokunstforening.no
Opening hours: Tuesday–Friday 12-17, Saturday–Sunday 12-16
Website: www.en.oslokunstforening.no

For id.new talents 2016, Oslo Kunstforening presents Bakketun & Norum.

Oslo Kunstforening's main goal is to support emerging Norwegian artists and present international artists that has not been shown in Norway before. We have done that for the past 180 years.
Oslo Kunstforening was founded in 1836 by the poet J. S. Welhaven, book mongler Johan Dahl and future Prime Minister Fredrik Stang following the model of the Copenhagen Art Society (1820s), and the Kunstverein’s in Dresden (1828) and Düsseldorf (1829).

Oslo Kunstforening was formed by the art interested public to ensure a permanent exhibition space for visual art in Norway - a few years before the National Gallery was established. Oslo Kunstforening is supported by the City of Oslo and the Arts Council Norway. Since 1986 and awarded a artist grant, throught the kind support of support Sparebanken Oslo and Akershus.
Since 2008 Sparebankstiftelsen DNB has annualy awarded an artist with a grant of 150 000 NOK to Ellisif Hals and Susanne Skeide (2008), Ignas Krunglevicius (2009), Ann Cathrin November Høibo (2010), Kaia Hugin (2011), Marie Buskov ( 2012), Sandra Mujinga (2013), Inger Lønningdal (2014) and Andrea Bakketun and Christian Tony Norum (2015).

Oslo Kunstforening is the first art institution and member organization in Norwegian culture. Princess Astrid, Mrs Ferner is Oslo Kunstforening’s highest protector.