Address: Ebertplatz (Underground-Passage)
City: Cologne Country: Germany
Phone: +49 (0) 1749893731
Email: info[at]
Opening hours: Friday and Saturday 5 to 8 p.m. 


For talents 2016, GOLD + BETON presents MP GOLD.

For talents 2015, GOLD + BETON presented Sebastian Thewes.

The GOLD+BETON project at Ebertplatz/Cologne is an independent platform with a widespread understanding of the arts and focusing on emerging, cutting edge artists and sounds.
With this, the founders wish to promote a new sense of "consuming" and creating art such as encouraging the youngsters in experimenting and out of the box thinking.

The founders of GOLD+BETON have an extended and international network consisting of absolute fresh talents for the art world, that is for example: Selma Gultoprak, Sina Seiffe, Bernhard Holaschke, Jan Pleitner, Timothy Shearer, Eva-Maria Schaller, Vera Drebusch, Dejan Spasovski, etc.
Founded in 2013 by Meryem Erkus, Vera Drebusch and Andreas Rohde, it soon became a heterogenous cultural meeting point due to its diverse events such as readings, performances, live music and the likes – besides the regurlarly happening exhibition cycle.

GOLD+BETON is currently run by Meryem Erkus and David Lichter.

Upcoming Shows:
6.5. - 22.5. MP GOLD - Retrospektive
27.5.-  17.6. Sarah Szczesny & Alex Wissel - Kaput Kabinett
27.6. - 3.7. Marat Beltser - <Hummus3
8.7. - 5.8. Ja, Gerne! 1 Gruppenshow by G+B
23.7. Sommerfest am Ebertplatz