Address: Ebertplatz
City: Cologne Country: Germany
Phone: +49 (0) 178 5 41 98 61
Email: mail[at] 
Opening hours: Fr - Sa, 4 to 7 pm and after appointment 

For talents 2015, BRUCH & DALLAS presents Jan Vedder and Elisabeth Windisch.

Bruch & Dallas is an „Off – Space“ for contemporary art which was founded by artists as an independent projectspace in 2009. The aim of this space is to show current, ambitious, critical and side specific positions. Bruch & Dallas is run voluntarily and self organized by three artists and an art historian . Bruch & Dallas argues for its programmatic line in the most varied of formats: through regular exhibitions, performances and actions - a vivid and pugnacious space for presentation and communication of contemporary art. Bruch & Dallas is a non- comercial gallery space in which the medium art as reflexive interface of current social developements is discussed to create the basis for a critical contemporary society.