Tomoyuki Ueno

©Tomoyuki Ueno; object, table, chairs, 2009
Blaze up; laser-pointers, birdcage, window, 2009
Morpho; Morpho, glass case, 2012
Nationalhymnen 1982; print on paper, 2014
STRATEGY - p355; book leaf, map, 2015

Tomoyuki Ueno is introduced by A TRANS.

2011 - 2012 Meister, Art and Media, Berlin University of the Arts, on Fellowship of Pola Art Foundation
2009 - 2010 Art and Media, Berlin University of the Arts , on DAAD scholarship
2008 - 2009 guest student. Sculpture department, Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design
2006 - 2008 Master, Inter Media Arts department, Tokyo University of the Arts
2002 - 2006 Bachelor, Hyper Media department, Seian University of Art & Design

Tomoyuki Ueno was born in Kobe, Japan in 1982. Since 2009, he lives and works in Berlin. So far, Tomoyuki Ueno has been searching for the relationship between concept and objects through the work of art. For example, he connects different objects to words, which are normally not considered to be directly connected to each other. The projecting objects can be laser pointers in his work, as well as leafs, from which the word "EARTH" is cut out, then the letters are being rearranged to form the word "HEART" next to it. This way, the lines between the object and the words are being blurred, not physically but conceptually.

From 2013, Ueno has been making works regarding borders between countries. For example, “Nationalhymnen 1982” was created by an overlap of all the national anthems in the world. Though all the anthems have different rhythms and lengths, the differences are not recognizable any more, if you put them in the same spot. This shows, how irreconcilable the different motivations and values in this world are. More recently he has been making collage works with books about war such as “vom Krige” of Carl von Clausewitz or “Strategy” of Liddell-Hart and old atlases. By collage he connects texts from the book and city names from atlases and make another words. Tomoyuki Ueno’s works are minimalistic but also poetic.