Suet Yi Chan

Landing of a Paper Plane, Acrylic and Pencil on Canvas, 2013,© Suet Yi Chan
The Tower, Acrylic and Charcoal on Canvas, 2013,© Suet Yi Chan
The Dancing Men II,Acrylic and Pastel on Canvas, 2014,© Suet Yi Chan
The Grassland, Acrylic, Collage and Pencil on Paper, 2015, © Suet Yi Chan
The Red House, Acrylic and Pencil on Paper, 2016, © Suet Yi Chan

Suet Yi CHan is introduced by A TRANS.

Born 1987 in China. Lives and works in Berlin and Hong Kong.

2008-2012 Bachelor of Fine Arts, Honor, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
2011 guest student, the Mclntire Department of Art, Univeristy of Virginia, USA

Suet Yi Chan, born 1987 in mainland China, she moved to Hong Kong in the age of 10. Since 2013, Berlin becomes her artistic base, besides living and working in Germany, she is also actively participating in numerous of exhibitions and artist in residency programs in different European countries such as Norway, Spain, the Netherlands and Switzerland.

With a strong attraction for the atmosphere of stillness and movement, Suet Yi Chan recreates such aura in paintings and drawings with unknown landscapes and spontaneous events. For all these stories behind the images, there is no specific time, space and meaning, The subtle and quiet way of painting gives a low, indistinct but long lasting continuous ambience, which coats the stories she tells with vague and poetic colours. The viewers are opened to project their own imaginations towards the undefined works.