Sarah Straßmann

below: all images from the series 'Opposite'
n.t. (slot), lambda-print, 2010
n.t. (table), lambda-print, 2011
n.t.(stairs), lambda-print, 2012
n.t. (white space), lambda-print, 2012
n.t. (scenery), lambda-print, 2010

Above: all works from the series 'Opposite'.

Sarah Strassmann is introduced by aff galerie.

born 1980
2001-06 Studies in Photography (Dipl.), University of Applied Sciences, Bielefeld
2006-08 Studies for Master of Art (M.A.), University of Applied Sciences, Bielefeld
2010-15 Studies in Fine Art (Ph.D.), Bauhaus - University, Weimar
currently based in Berlin

Opposite (ongoing work)
10 Lambda-Prints on Alu-Dibond, 35x35 cm - 85x116 cm, 2009-15

In her work “Opposite”, Sarah Straßmann explores the boundary line between light and darkness, between presence and absence or between object and space. The photographs taken by the strict and conceptual approach with a frontal, central perspective appear kind of dislocated while simultaneously the visibility of complete darkness is carried to its extremes. The narrow line between presence and absence, which is not only determined with all its blur, but at the same time also bears highly unsettling potential. The localization of the individual's own standpoint constitutes the coordinate system of spiritual and physical orientation. If its fragility, its indetermination zone becomes obvious, the result is fundamental uncertainty. (catalog "Bankborders", Westwendischer Kunstverein)