Rahel Gubari


Rahel Gubari is introduced by Jagla Ausstellungsraum.

Born 1978 in Sulaymania/Irak, lives and works in Düsseldorf.

2007 Kunstakademie Düsseldorf, Studium der freien Kunst
2008 bei Prof. Siegfried Anzinger
2011 Meisterschüler bei Prof. Siegfried Anzinger
2014 Abschluss Kunstakademie Düsseldorf
1999-2003 College of Fine Arts, Abteilung Malerei, Universität Sulaymaniya, Irak  
1994-1999 Institut der Schönen Künste, Abteilung Malerei, Sulaymaniya, Irak
2012 Stipendium Förderprogramm der Lep

Exhibitions (Selection)
2014 Amna Suraka Museum, Sulaymaniya, Iraq
2011 Off-Spaces GG, Cologne, Germany
2010 Off-Spaces Museum Sulaymaniya, Iraq
2005 Centre Culturel Français C/O Goethe Institut, Damascus, Syria
2004 Centre Culturel Français, Damascus, Syria
2001 Off-Spaces Museum Sulaymaniya, Iraq
1998 Design of containers, Sulaymaniya, Iraq

2012/13 Grants, The Art House Düsseldorf, Germany
2012 Konglomerat, Solingen, Germany
2012 German Kleinformat, Raume Pilot Projekt für Kunst e.v. Düsseldorf, Germany
2012 Ralling Papers, Asta Off-Spaces, Düsseldorf, Germany
2011 German Kleinformat, Bermondsey Project Space, London, England
2011 Hogan Lovells Kunstförderpreis, Düsseldorf, Germany
2010 Kunstsommer
2010 Galerie Tedden C/O Kunstverein Oberhausen, Germany
2004 Galerie Media, Ministry of Culture Erbil, Iraq
2004 Galerie Aram, Sulaymaniya, Iraq
2004 Amna Suraka Museum, Sulaymania, Iraq
2004 14. Festival Afro-Asian, Latin-American Exchange Exhibition, Metropolitan Museum, Tokyo, Japan. Sponsor: JAALA (Japan Afro Asian Latin American), Tokio, Japan
2004 Arab Plastic Group Exhibition, Sanabel al Hub, NAIA World Jeddah, Saudi-Arabia
2003 Exhibition of Artists' Union of Kurdistan, Sulaymania, Iraq
2002 Off-Spaces Surkeu, Sulaymaniya Iraq
2002 Project Anfal, University Sulaymaniya, Iraq 

Rahel Gubari studied painting in his native city of Sulaymaniyah in Iraq and at the Art Academy Düsseldorf. He started with a classical training, focused on figurative painting. In Düsseldorf he intensely worked on abstract painting. But figuration became a kind of return to a new beginning. In his works, glowing colors encounters often on severity and melancholy.

Rahel Gubari: "Since 2006 I live and work in Germany, in Düsseldorf. I studied painting and graphics at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf under Prof. Siegfried Anzinger. In Germany, there is an international art scene, galleries and museums. As an artist, I am dependent on discussions with other professionals to continue on my way. I could not do this in my mother country."