Natascha Schmitten

OHNE TITEL, 2015 *
First Flush, 2015 © Katja Illner *
NEUE LÜGEN, 2015 *

Natascha Schmitten is introduced by Jagla Ausstellungsraum.

2014 Akademiebrief
2012 master student of Siegfried Anzinger
2011 Residency in London
2006 - 2014 Kunstakademie Düsseldorf

Natascha Schmitten`s paintings combine figuration and abstraction in a fresh and undogmatic way. Like fragments of curtains or drapes colouristic or, quite the opposite, particularly light bands of colour are layered one over the other, whereby these multiple transparencies and their permanent changeability establish the pictorial space as a constantly variable, open and breathing space. Natascha Schmitten takes that which is visible, things that have been seen, as her starting point, however she does not reproduce these but takes them further, as it were, with free, meandering thoughts or fragments of form and space. The dynamic of the paintings - accomblished with much sensitivity and different levels of intensity during the painting process - is born in the tension between the non-discernability of a motif and the fact that the paintings obviously stem from the world of the visible. Irrespective of the format, each wok is a "all-over" painting i.e. a detail as it were of a much larger space that could potentially continue beyond the edges of the painting. (...)
In her lithographs this understanding of images comes to a head. The artist`s play with differnt forms of light and a partial figurative precision runs parallel to the painting, while at the same time creating an x-ray image of these. The reduced spectrum of the printing technique reveals the skeleton and, in a sense, the essence of these paintings which question the relationship between light and representationalism. (Robert Fleck)

OHNE TITEL, 2015, oil on nylon, 180x140 cm
First Flush 2015, installation view at Bayer Kultur Leverkusen © Katja Illner
NEUE LÜGEN II, 2015, lithography, oil on nylon, 27x18 cm
NEUE LÜGEN, 2015, lithography, oil on nylon, 24x18 cm
AMYGDALUM, 2015, varnish, oil on nylon, 200x145 cm