Matthias Danberg

Order (Chapter 3), still of animation, 2015

Matthias Danberg is introduced by new talents - biennale cologne.

Born 1981 Bochum, lives and works in Düsseldorf

2011 Year as Master student
2010 Akademiebrief
2004 Class of Michael van Ofen
2003 Change to Kunstakademie Münster
2002–03 Study of art and philosophy at Universität Dortmund
2013 Support grant of the city of Düsseldorf

Using the generic possibilities of 3D-animation, Matthias Danberg creates his own new worlds on the computer, worlds in which order is determined by the familiar and the strange. At the same time they refer to futuristic science-fiction visions and aesthetics long gone. The virtual scenarios are dominated by  seemingly organic machines, complex architectures and constant processes of transformation.   

“Like Copernicus banning humanity from the center of the universe, virtuality is banning humanity from ‘its’ world” states Danberg and asks what authenticity means in our virtual and real worlds.