Gildo Bavčević

COINS, video installation, plastic and coins, 2012
PROFIT VS. WALFARE, ENOUGH, COINS, video installation, 2012
PROFIT VS. WALFARE, performance, coin one kuna and hammer, 2012 © Toni Meštrović
COINS, metal coins, 2013
VERTIGO, performance with coins, 2013, © Buga Cvjetanović

Gildo Bavčević is introduced by Hulu Split.

Gildo Bavčević is born in 1979 in Split. He graduated in 2013 MA Film and Media Arts at UMAS ( Academy of Arts Split, University of Split).

Gildo Bavčević is a multimedia artist living and working in Split. Gildo works through a variety of media (performance, video, film, art performances, multimedia installations, audio projects, and sound design). He is author of numerous performances, video performances, video / installation, short films, and author of the sound on two feature films. With three solo exhibitions from the cycle COINS actively participated in numerous group exhibitions and festivals at home and abroad such as: COEXISTANCE FOR A NEW ADRIATIC KOINE, arTVision, Pino Pascali Foundation, 24. SLAVONSKI BIENNALE MLU Osijek, SORAL OSE ART festival Soral, Geneva, MEDITERRAN 16th Biennial of Young Artists from Europe and the Mediterranean Ancona, 38. SPLITSKI SALON Split , KRIZA2 /APATIJA, HDLU Istre, MSUI / MAC, Galerija Luka Pula, Klovićevi Dvori Zagreb, VIDEO DUMBO experimental Film Festival New York, and many other. He won first prize at 46, Review of Croatian filmmaking for documentary SOLIDARITY NETWORK. Graduated in 2013 MA Film and Media Arts at UMAS-in, where he is currently working as freelance assistant. He is a member of the Croatian Association of Artists of Split.

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