Daphné Keramidas

Alphabet, (still) HD-Video processed frame per frame 5’20, 2015
Coquillage, sculpture, metallic strips, dim. variable, 2015
Home, installation detail of 'Learning to fly', 2015
Athenians, (still) 5-channel video, 6-channel sound installation, HD 33'48, 2015

Daphné Keramidas is introduced by Moltkerei Werkstatt.

2006–2011 Visual Arts Studies, Academy of Media Arts Cologne, Germany
2004 Visual Arts, Belles Arts Barcelona, Spain
1999–2005 Sculpture, Academy of Fine Arts Athens, Greece

The French and Greek visual artist Daphné Keramidas, based in Cologne, Germany, studied sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts of Athens and visual arts at the Academy of Media Arts of Cologne. Her artistic approach revolves about boundaries. Varying from allegorical actions to more narrative sequences, the focus is set on a field which lies in-between: between sleep and awake, between identity and nationality, between the gaze and the observed object, ... .

Different questions are treated, such as the European cultural background, the part language plays, rituals of commemoration or even the notion of measured time. Notions of community and of difference, and of relations and their impossibility are explored. Ranging from the poetic to the politic, her interdisciplinary approach activates the potential of rupture from the classical perception and opens access to new perspectives.