Bakketun & Norum

Bakketun & Norum is introduced by Oslo Kunstforening.

Bakketun was born 1983 in Trondheim and graduated 2013 at Mfa.The artacademi of Oslo.
Norum was born 1980 in Oslo and graduated 2012 at Mfa.The artacademi of Oslo.

Kunstverein GLStrand (Copenhagen)
UKS, young artist society (Oslo) 
Papay Gyro Nights Art Festival (Papay Westray, Orkney Islands and Cattle Depot Artist Village, Hong Kong) Kunsthall Oslo, The Autumn Exhibition at Oslo S (Oslo) 
Munch’s Ekely (Oslo) 
Kittelsens House/ 1857 gallery (Hvitsten/Oslo) and Oslo Kunstforening (Oslo)
House of Artists (Oslo)
Autocenter (Berlin)
Kunsthaus Essen (Essen)
De Brakke Grond (Amsterdam)
NoPlace (Oslo)
Malmö Konsthall (Malmö)
MACRO Museum/ Kaleidoscope Artfair (Roma)
MOMA PS1 (New York)
Tidens Krav (Oslo), 18th street Art Center (LA)
Gavu Cheb Museum (Praha)

Bakketun & Norum is an artist duo based in Oslo, founded by Andrea Bakketun and Christian Tony Norum in 2012. The collaboration is shaped by the friction between two opposing, colliding artistic practices and crystallize in multidimensional installations and poetic performances.

While Bakketun is searching for magic occurrences in studio-processes, during travels and in nature surroundings, using electrical appliances, audiovisuals and text, Norum is digesting art history and issues of poststructural modernist theories through expressive labour, be it painting, sculpture or performance.
They intuitively investigate their surroundings,- architectural and physical qualities of a space, as well as the reminisces of an object, a trace of a personal story or historical event.

Associations and hints are given affectionate attention as they weave together their own truths and narratives. The works of Bakketun & Norum can seem kaleidoscopic, as they operate in different time scales and spaces at the same time, and zoom in on the smallest details, while they keep an eye on universal perspectives.